Private classes are without a doubt the best way to get started and later improve your snowboarding level.
Instructors find that groups of 1 to five people give the fastest and best results.
Classes start from 9am on.
Requests for a specific instructor will be met in accordance with the school’s schedule and the availability of those individual instructors. 

1 person 42€ per hour
2 people 52€ per hour / instructor
2 or 4 people 60€ per hour / instructor
For other options please contact us, details below:
Enquiries and bookings by phone: 974 49 01 35
E-mail enquiries and bookings:
Please feel free to contact us if you have an enquiry.
Bookings may also be made at our office at the Sextas building,
at our office in Anayet or at our office in Formigal village next to the clock.

Tarifas del servicio

1 People
2 People
56 €/h Teacherr
3 ó 4 People
70€/h Teacher
Other options
Ask for ..

Consultas y Reservas por Teléfono: 974 49 01 35 | Reservas por e-mail :

Ponte en contacto con nosotros para realizar cualquier consulta.
También puedes hacer tus reservas y contratación de clases, directamente en nuestras oficinas del Edificio de SEXTAS , en las oficinas de ANAYET o bien en las oficinas de la Urbanización de Formigal (Junto al reloj).

Urbanización Formigal - 22640 Sallent de Gállego. Huesca
Phone. +34 974 49 01 35 Fax. +34 974 49 00 88