Ski Mountaineering Course Beginner-Advanced

Ski Mountaineering Course Beginner-Advanced

Beginner Level

Organized by specialists in this area.

Aimed towards students who have never done ski mountaineering before.

Week-long course 15 hours from Monday to Friday with necessary material.

Teaching methods are specifically for ski mountaineering.

Includes handling and knowledge of the relevant material; boots, bindings, skis, seal skins etc.

Skills for climbing with seal skins.

Also includes:

Basics of mountaineering with piolet and crampons (French technique)

Snow safety: classification of snow prevention of and search and rescue after avalanches.

Strategy of how to choose off-piste routes.

Freeride in Formigal

Together with an instructor you will explore all the secret corners of the resort by using the chair lifts and then walking 20 minutes to breath-taking scenery off the beaten track.

Material Needed:

Off piste skis, Arva gauge, shovel and probe, rucksack and helmet.

Minimum 1 person maximum 7 people From 9am to 1 pm


These activities are organised and managed by qualified mountain guides (U.I.A.G.M.)

- Ricardo Montoro (TD-3) - Salvador López (TD-3)

- Benito Pérez (TD-3) - Ignacio García (TD-2)

These courses are aimed towards people who, independently of their fitness level, would like to begin this sport or improve their skills


Beginners: to be able to follow routes on snowy terrain with independence and safety.

Advanced: to be able to follow routes with low to moderate difficulty on snow and ice using the correct technique, handling ropes and safety equipment and rescue manoeuvres.

Mountaineering  Level 1 –Beginner Course includes:

Mountaineering material; Ropes, carabiners and bands

Knot making skills

Technique while moving on snow

Using piolet and crampons

Simple and complex ways of stopping

Setting up connections


Rope safety skills


Avalanche prevention

Danger awareness in high mountain areas

Risk analysis

Material Needed:

Snow mountaineering piolet crampons with anti-boots harness with anchor or lifeline 3 carabiners with HMS safety.

A reverse or a cesta, 1 flat dynema band 120/180 1 cordino 150cm x 7mm

Waterproof jacket and trousers, mountain boots and hat.

Polar fleece or Primaloft hiking gaiters, light gloves and waterproof gloves.

Forehead torch with spare batteries, suncream, rucksack, sun glasses and blizzard glasses.

Ski Mountaineering Course Level 2- Advanced Course includes:

Arva gauge

Autonomy in uphill technique

Skill in rope handling, connections, safety

Advanced skill with piolet and crampons

Setting up on rock and ice

Safety with ice

Anchoring in ice

Placing fortune protection in rock

Placing in fissures

Strength triangles. Directional, blocked and semi blocked

Advanced rope progression skills inc. double rope

Setting up connections in snow ice and rock

Material Needed:

Ski mountaineering piolet or 2 traction rope (per 2 people)

Ante-boot crampons, harness with anchor or lifeline

Reverso or cesta for safety, helmet, 1 cordino for machard

2 flatdynema bands 120,180

4 carabiners with HMS safety 1x 4m cordino 6/7mm

Mountain boots, waterproof jacket and trousers, light gloves

Waterproof gloves, polar fleece, or Primaloft, hat suncream, rucksack

Trekking gaiters, sunglasses, blizzard glasses, forehead torch with spare batteries

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